More Roses!

Over the last few days, a number of other roses have bloomed: Heritage, Pat Austin, Red Ribbons, Winchester Cathedral, and Zephirine Drouhin.  More still are just about to bloom.  We're finishing up one solid week of rain, about five inches worth, so I'll have to get out there to spray as with so much moisture for so long, the fungus is no doubt among us! LOL The other plants in the garden are doing well too.  I've taken a bunch of photos in between the raindrops and they're now all posted on the web site.  Remember, you can always check the What's New page to see the latest updates.  I also finally gave up trying to get a rose to grow in the spot formerly occupied by the late, lamented Brigadoon.  After three or four failures, I give up!  Since it's next to the daylily Plum Perfect, which has done very well there, I went to the nursery and have planted a new daylily, also in the purple family, called Indian Giver.  Hopefully it will do well.  Here are photos of the recent roses.  First is Heritage.

2011 heritage

Next is Pat Austin.

2011 pat austin

Third is Red Ribbons.

2011 red ribbons

Next is Winchester Cathedral.

2011 winchester cathedral

Finally, here's Zephirine Drouhin.

2011 zephirine drouhin

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The Second Rose

Pretty much as expected, Louise Odier opened up her first bud to become the second rose to bloom this year.  She now has quite a few in the process of opening and the fragrance is already starting to scent that part of the garden.  Besides the photos of those roses, I've now got just about 200 garden photos taken this year posted on my Roses web site.  Various azaleas, bluebells, wood hyacinths, weigela, you name it.  You can always find what I've added lately by checking the What's New page.  Here's the first Louise Odier blossom.

Louise Odier

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The First Rose of 2011

Being the first to form a bud doesn't necessarily translate into being the first to open a blossom.  And so it is this year.  Louise Odier was the first with a bud.  I was out spraying the roses (I noticed a trace of blackspot) and found this waiting for me on the far side of the arbor.  Thus it is that Gertrude Jekyll takes the honors for the first rose of 2011!  🙂

2011 gertrude jekyll

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A New Rose

I wasn't at all happy with the performance of Smooth Satin last year and this year its spring growth has been underwhelming, so I went looking for a new rose to replace it.  After shopping around, I found a beauty, a deep red hybrid tea with a lovely damask scent.  It's easily the most vigorous potted rose I've ever bought, complete with buds and blooms.  I was getting ready to put it into the ground in place of Smooth Satin, and then started to think.  Ever since Brigadoon died, every rose I've put in that spot hasn't fared well, even though I completely change over the soil with each new rose.  It faces dead north and doesn't get much sun at all.  I started looking over all three gardens (front yard, side yard, back yard) and spotted a bare spot in the side yard garden, in the redone foundation bed between the dwarf (yeah, 20 feet high already and they call it a 'dwarf') blue spruce and the skip laurel.  It faces west and gets at least a half-day of sun.  A bare spot in the garden plus lots of sun equals a good place for the new rose, so there it went!  The photo shows it just after planting.  Oh!  It's called Smooth Velvet and it's from the same family as Smooth Satin.  It now has its own page.  I've also added many new photos of the other garden denizens and you can find all of them via the What's New page on the web site.

smooth velvet

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2011 – Spring, and the First Rose Bud

I've been horribly remiss in keeping up this journal and in maintaining my garden web site.  All I can say is that my health hasn't been all that great (as an example, it seems that I now have a bone spur in my other shoulder that's causing problems with that rotator cuff) and that I've been busy with my trains, among other things.  However, I have been out in the garden as it awoke from the horrible winter and have been documenting it photographically.  This evening, I processed well over 100 photographs and did a massive update of the web site to bring it up to date.  Checking the "What's New" page will show you all of the updates and you can see all of the new photos, rather than me trying to put a few representative shots here.  What I will show here is the first rose bud of the year, that I found on Louise Odier (of course) on 20 April.  It has since begun to open to give me my first rose of the year.

Louise Odier

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When Did I Move To The North Pole?

We've thus far had SEVEN snowstorms totaling well over four feet of snow and the winter is only one month old.  The piles outside are over four feet tall and I'm sure that if a climatologist took a core he'd find a seven layer cake!  It seems that with each storm it gets harder to get it all cleaned off.  I ache all over, I'm thoroughly disgusted, and Florida is looking more and more attractive.  Even with rising ocean levels and more violent hurricanes.

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Happy New Year!


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Oy Vey!

The storm that flooded California moved across the country and is now moving out into the Atlantic and up the coast.  The predictions were that it would pass us by out to sea, exactly like the last one did.  They changed the predictions.  We now have a blizzard warning!  Having not fully recovered from last winter's blizzards, I am not looking forward to this at all.  It seems that the bad omen of snow on Thanksgiving is being realized.

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A Bad Omen

Yes, I know, I've been terribly remiss in keeping up the Garden Journal.  Suffice it to say that it was a good rose year with several surprises.  It's Thanksgiving today and I still have gorgeous roses outside.  They look rather nice, with the SNOW falling on them.  SNOW!  ON THANKSGIVING!  After last winter (think trees and legs), I have to take this as a very bad omen of things to come.  Frown

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An Update

Since my last post, much has happened.  I've posted well over one hundred and fifty new photos, mostly roses, to the web site.  Most of the roses have now bloomed with only six left to go.  While the What's New page always shows what I've added to the web site, a good place to see what's already bloomed is the Roses in the Garden page, where I showcase what I think are the best photos of the roses that have bloomed this year.  Not all is happiness however.  The other day I went out into the garden and was saddened to discover that a varmint — a deer — had been browsing on the buds of many of the roses and lilies.  I've been losing sleep the last few days trying to catch it in the act.  If I do, there will be a barbecue featuring venison!  On a personal note, the stitches in my knee hopefully come out tomorrow which will hopefully allow it to fully heal.  Here are a few photos to hopefully tempt you to visit the web site.  The first is Peace, the second is Sweet Juliet.

2010 peace

2010 sweet juliet

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