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You've stumbled across the web site of someone who enjoys growing roses and working in the garden.  I also enjoy railroading, both real and model, and strangely enough, I also have a penchant for woodworking -- if you don't think those two can be related, visit my Railroading web site (link below). Given the choice of working on this web site, working on my O-gauge layout, or working in the garden, somehow the web site always winds up on the short end of the stick, so it isn't all that it could be. Oh well, some day .... I actually have two main sites on the Internet -- this one, roses.toytrains1.com, is devoted to my roses, gardening, and other interests while the other, www.toytrains1.com, is devoted to railroading, both real and model.  I maintain two blogs:  ToyTrains1's Garden Journal is devoted to my roses and gardening and ToyTrains1's Blog is devoted to my railroading and other interests.  I also maintain the web site of the Central Jersey DCS Demo Group (CJDCS) located at cjdcs.toytrains1.com.  Clicking on one of the links below will take you to the appropriate section of this web site.  Some general interest information is below the links.

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Here are a few of the friends who keep me company when I'm working with the computer:

The Boys

Get the feeling that I'm a Dilbert fan?  You're right! 

I hope your Thanksgiving was as happy as ours!

Thanksgiving 1998

Thanksgiving, 1998

(P.S. The dish to the left rear is the stuffing; the dish to the right front is cranberry-pineapple compote.)

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