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Abraham Darby

Abraham Darby was purchased to fill in a hole in the backyard rose garden that has been empty since Golden Showers deprived L.D. Braithwaite of light and then itself passed on.  The spot now gets good afternoon light and this English rose always gets good reviews so hopefully it will do well in with the rest of the English roses.  Here it is just after planting.

2006 abraham darby

It's the last day of May and as you can see, Abraham Darby is leafing out and doing quite well.

2006 abraham darby

Abraham Darby didn't produce any blossoms during 2006 and I suppose it was my fault for not ensuring that the other roses didn't keep it in shade.  Though the winter of 2006-2007 wasn't bad at all, Abraham Darby didn't awaken in the spring of 2007 and became the only casualty of winter, never having produced a blossom.  I will leave that spot empty in the future.

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