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A New Rose!

I decided in the fall that Showbiz (my only floribunda) was a sufficient disappointment that it would not make it to spring, so I needed to decide on what to put in its place.  I've received my catalogs, I've looked … Continue reading

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It Snowed!

Well, the warm winter left us behind (probably went off to Florida, don't'cha know) and the cold winter came to stay with a passion.  It snowed yesterday; I had to shovel about an inch of that miserable white powder off … Continue reading

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Upgrade to WordPress 2.1

I upgraded both blogs to WordPress 2.1 last night.  It went well (good instructions always help) and everything has been running normally so I'm chalking it up as a success.

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For the very first time this winter, it is lightly snowing outside.  From what the weather forecasters are saying, we've made history as this is the latest occurrence of snow in a winter since they've been keeping records.  The snow … Continue reading

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Overnight it got down into the lower 20s, the first real dose of winter this year.  It's still below freezing now at 10 AM.  I shudder to think of what this will do to all of the tender new growth … Continue reading

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It’s Spring?

I was just outside in the garden checking to see what else has been fooled by the weather.  I've certainly been fooled — I was outside in my shirt sleeves as it's a very balmy 72 °F.  In central New … Continue reading

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