She’s Alive!

I just finished power washing the arbor in the back yard garden (there will be photos when the roses are in bloom) as I couldn't stand how colorful Wink it was when I went back to last year's photos.  Afterward, I wandered around the garden and lo! and behold!, the newly planted Mme. Isaac Pereire has broken bud! Laughing

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2 Responses to She’s Alive!

  1. JulieC says:

    Hi There- I just came home from the nursery with my first rose!  I've been a long time gardener and never had the courage to try roses, but I finally got rid of my do-nothing hydrangea and have a perfectly sunny spot next to the house.  I got a Pat Austin english rose and I found your website after doing a google search on the variety.  Any advice on how to care for this variety?   Looks like some people have trouble with it being spindly and the flowers being too heavy for the stalks. I'm in New England, by the way, so as lovely as yours look in late November I doubt I'll have the same luck!  Thanks.

  2. ToyTrains1 says:

    Hi Julie.  Pat Austin needs a weekly spraying of fungicide as she's susceptible to blackspot.  And yes, she has blossoms that nod due to their weight but that's part of the charm.  But spindly?  Not mine!

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