The Third Roses

Yes, roses plural, we have a three-way tie! 🙂 Yesterday, Heritage, Red Ribbons, and Winchester Cathedral all opened blossoms to tie for third place this year.  Louise Odier and Zephirine Drouhin are really starting to open lots of buds now and the garden is perfumed with their magic scent.  The deciduous Azalea, the rosebud Azalea, the Bluebells, and the Spiraea are all going gangbusters as well.  And, hopefully, the new landscaper will arrive today (finally!) to cut the lawn, which is high enough now to hide stalking tigers! Wink  Here are the three claimants for third place this year, Heritage, Red Ribbons, and Winchester Cathedral.  As always, higher resolution photos of everything are posted on the web site.

2007 heritage

2007 red ribbons

2007 winchester cathedral

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