A Wonderful Day in the Garden

Today was a good day for the garden.  The new landscaper came and the grass, which had been waist high in spots, is now back to being a lawn.  They did a good job of cleaning up too, so everything is looking great.  Shortly after the cutting and cleaning crew left, the spraying crew arrived to put down the broadleaf weed killer, so the lawn should stay good looking.  The Azaleas are coming to the end of their bloom but are still holding their own.  Both of the Rhododendrons have bloomed and are putting on quite a show.  It's nice to have the white one in bloom after a few years without flowers.  Sited as it is next to the Weigela, it usually doesn't get enough light but pruning the weigela to the ground last year enabled it to set buds.  In the world of roses, more of them are starting to bloom.  Fragrant Lace, Garden Party, Gertrude Jekyll, and Moon Shadow have all given me their first blooms, and those that have already bloomed (Heritage, Louise Odier, Zephirine Drouhin) are opening new buds.  All the rest have lots of buds so the garden should be quite a sight in the coming weeks.  Lots of new photos have been posted to the web site; here's a teaser with Moon Shadow.

 moon shadow

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