PrimeTime in the Garden

The Memorial Day weekend has now passed, June and summer are almost upon us, and the garden is in prime time.  Rather than list the roses that have come into bloom since my last entry, as in years past I've created a "Roses in the Garden – 2007" page which shows all of the roses that I'm growing this year along with a photo of each and a link to that rose's web page.  Of the twenty-five varieties that I have this year, only the newly planted Madame Isaac Pereire, Falstaff, Graham Thomas, and Tropicana have yet to bloom.  The other twenty-one are in bloom and most are covered with flowers.  Their scents are delicious!  I've been spraying them weekly with my regimen of alternating fungicides (Banner Maxx, Immunox, Funginex) since they leafed out and today they all got the Funginex treatment.  Today I also fed them all to support their incredible growth — twenty-nine rose bushes require two thirty-gallon trash cans full of fertilizer, but it's a labor of love.  For most of the roses, this seems to be their best year ever.  Hmmm, I wonder if thirteen inches of rain in April had anything to do with that? Wink There are more than one hundred new photos on the web site; you can always find the latest and greatest on the What's New page.  Of the recent photos, these two, of Peace and Queen Elizabeth, stand out for me.

2007 peace

2007 queen elizabeth

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