Summer’s Here!

Even though it’s Memorial Day that’s supposed to be the unofficial start of summer, with everything starting early this year it’s no big surprise that today is really our first day of summer here in Central New Jersey. The temperature is in the middle eighties, it’s very humid, we have bright sunshine alternating with thunderstorms — in short, a typical summer day. Today brought the bloom of a few more roses — Fisherman’s Friend, Fragrant Lace, Lagerfeld, with its characteristically misshappen buds, and Pierre de Ronsard. This latter rose, also called Eden, opens blossoms that resemble heads of cabbage — many, many petals with almost no fragrance. These four add to the eleven already in bloom (Dr. Huey, Fragrant Cloud, Gertrude Jekyll, Heritage, Louise Odier, Melody Parfumee, Mini Roses, Pat Austin, Red Ribbons, Winchester Cathedral, and Zephirine Drouhin) to give me a total of fifteen roses in bloom, which is slightly more than half of all the roses in the garden. Non-rose subjects in today’s photo shoot included the Mock Orange, Peony, and some general shots of the back yard and side yard.

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