And The Bloom Goes On ….

It’s another beautiful summer day and it brought me two surprises. Both Graham Thomas and Moon Shadow have bloomed. Each in its own way was a surprise. Graham Thomas has bloomed on the interior of the back yard rose garden, in shade. I glimpsed the yellow flowers from the kitchen and when I came out for a look, there they were. The buds in full sun have yet to open but these did and are their usual gorgeous selves. Moon Shadow is a plant that has been badly damaged by successive bad winters and didn’t bloom at all in 2003 and 2004. That it bloomed last year was a major surprise. This year, it’s in the shadow of its enormous neighbor Louise Odier, and I wasn’t hoping for much. Once again, it’s surprised me and bloomed. Once the spring flush is over, I’ll prune back Louise Odier to a more manageable size and that should let Moon Shadow take off.

Other roses that have opened some nice bloooms today are Fisherman’s Friend, Fragrant Lace, Lagerfeld, Melody Parfumee, Pierre de Ronsard, and Red Ribbons. There was also a mix of Heritage and Gertrude Jekyll on the arbor in the back yard garden that I couldn’t resist taking a photo of.

Just a few other notes. You can always find what’s new on my main web site by checking the What’s New page that’s listed on the opening page. And I’d like to extend my thanks to Garden Voices at for reblogging some of my musings about the garden. It’s always nice to know that someone thinks enough of what you write to reprint it.

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