The Fifty Nicest Roses of September …

… of the first half of September anyway.  It's been yet another bumper crop of roses in what has been an outstanding season.  During the last few weeks, I've been taking photos of only what I think are the nicest blossoms.  That's because for most of them, I've already posted so many photos on the web site that I can afford to be picky! Smile Now that the month is half gone, I've gone ahead and posted those fifty photos covering the roses that are in bloom: Double Delight, Fragrant Lace, Heritage, Lagerfeld, Louise Odier, Melody Parfumee, Pat Austin, Peace, Red Ribbons, Sunbright, Sweet Juliet, Tropicana, and Winchester Cathedral.  It was kind of hard deciding on which one to shrink and include in the blog; Tropicana bloomed so seldom this year (I think it doesn't like its north-facing location) that I decided to include it, so here it is.


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  1. Ed says:

    That is a very beautiful picture!

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