Yes, I’m Alive!

Did I ever mention that I tend to hibernate for the winter?  LOL  We had roses into November, when the cold weather put an end to them.  Though I had taken a few photos in October and November, the late roses weren't spectacular and I never bothered posting them.  I've got SO many photos on the web site that I need to rethink the directory structure for this year and I think that I'll stick with posting only the very best of each of the rose varieties.  We haven't had much of a winter here in Edison (NJ) — one ice storm, about a half-inch of snow, and not very cold weather either.  Today it's just above freezing after a few days the past few weeks when it's been in the sixties approaching seventy and I went out in the garden to have a look.  Yup!  A bunch of the bulbs (daffodils, methinks) have been fooled and are coming up.  Hopefully, the remainder of the winter won't do them any damage.

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