Spring Has Sprung!

In walking through the garden today, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that several of the bulb-borne flowers have bloomed.  The crocus are to be expected around this time of year, but the daffy daffodils are in full bloom and the first of the hyacinths has also bloomed!  It's a sure sign that Spring has arrived.  The lawn is going to need a good reseeding as there are quite a few bare patches after the winter.  I'll probably need to dig a bit and put down topsoil first as the good old Jersey red clay is showing through.  A few weeks ago, we had a nice warm day and I was able to clean-up and prune the roses before they broke bud.  They've since broken bud as expected (given our generally mild and rainy winter) and the tiny leaves are already emerging.  Hopefully, we will once again have a bumper crop of roses this year!  Meanwhile, here's one of the first flowers of the year to whet your appetite!  Smile

2008 daffodil

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