A Wonderful Day!

Today was a very nice day in the garden.  While the daffodils are starting to fade, the anemone and scilla are in full bloom and the tulips are opening up, though as with years past, this year we'll probably have less tulips than last year and it's probably time for me to replant a new batch of tulip bulbs.  The cherry trees are in full bloom.  And, we have our first rose buds!  Smile  This year, both Louise Odier and Zephirine Drouhin claim the honor of having the first bud, which seems to  have come a few weeks early this year.  I've posted lots of new photos on the web site ; the What's New page will always show you what's new!  Smile

Today was also the start of my spraying regimen as all of the roses have broken bud and the new leaves are sitting there waiting for either my spraying or blackspot spores.  I think both I and the roses are much happier with the former.  As in years past, I will do my sprayings weekly, alternating between Banner Maxx, Immunox, and Funginex as I've had good success with that regimen.  Here for your delight is one of the first rosebuds.

2008 rosebud

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