Roses, Roses Everywhere

Since my last entry, things in the garden have really been popping.  The white and purple rhododendrons have bloomed beautifully, though the peony is taking its own sweet time to open its huge fat buds.  It's in the world of the roses where most of the activity has been.  Louise Odier has gone from a single blossom to literally covered with large, sweet-smelling blooms.  I counted over 60 buds on just one cane!  Though I might usually post just a photo of one of the other roses that have bloomed, the photo below was just so perfect that I had to share it.  The other roses that have thus far bloomed are Double Delight (the tree in the backyard), Fragrant Lace, Gertrude Jekyll, Heritage, Pat Austin, Red Ribbons, Winchester Cathedral, and, of course, Zephirine Drouhin.  All of the others are covered with large fat buds and should soon be putting on their spring shows.  In particular, Mme. Isaac Pereire (which was newly planted last year and did not bloom) has lots of enormous buds that are just starting to open their sepals to show the red petals inside and I'm very much looking forward to seeing her first blooms.  There are lots and lots of new photos posted on my web site; the What's New page will always show you the newest entries first.  Here are two perfect blossoms of Louise Odier.

2008 louise odier

And here is the first from Fragrant Lace.

2008 fragrant lace

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2 Responses to Roses, Roses Everywhere

  1. Great Picture of one of my Old Garden Roses! I really look forward to mine beginning to bloom. My Madame Issac Pereire are also packed with fat blooms. So much to look forward to!

  2. ToyTrains1 says:

    Mme. Isaac Pereire has turned out to be a gem, chock full of large, beautiful, fragrant roses.

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