Spritzing The Roses

Today all the roses got a spritz of Immunox, just about ten days after they got the Banner Maxx. In about a week to ten days they’ll get Funginex mixed with Mancozeb as I’ve noticed a little blackspot showing its ugly face on the more susceptible varieties. Whilst I was spritzing, I also took the time to take stock of who’s in bloom and who isn’t. Still not blooming but with buds are Queen Elizabeth, Sunbright, Falstaff (newly planted last year, thse buds will be its first-ever flowers), Garden Party (which has the same problem as Moon Shadow, being overshadowed by Louise Odier), Tropicana, Showbiz, and Sweet Juliet. Of the three newly planted roses, the shrub Abraham Darby and the tree Peace have begun to leaf out very nicely. The tree Double Delight has yet to break bud and I’m beginning to worry about it. I’ll give it a few more days and then call J&P to see what their take on it is. These ten that have yet to bloom together with the seventeen that have already bloomed give me a total of 27 varieties currently in the garden.

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