Happy June!

And it is indeed a happy June.  Today brought us the first opened blossom ever on Madame Isaac Pereire, an Old Garden Rose that I planted last year but which did not bloom until now.  The flowers are very large and very deep pink, with the extremely strong old rose fragrance that I find intoxicating.  The photo at the bottom of this entry shows the very first flower of Mme. Isaac Pereire.  Other roses that have opened blooms for the first time since my last entry are Fragrant Cloud, Graham Thomas, and Sunbright.  Most of the other roses are in full bloom and I've posted to the web site about a hundred new photos of all of them taken over the last few days.  In fact, of the twenty-five varieties I have in the garden this year, only eight have yet to bloom: Queen Elizabeth, Falstaff, and Tropicana along the north-facing front of the house (they always bloom last), Moon Shadow and Garden Party (both shaded by Louise Odier) and Lagerfeld (late this year for some reason) in the side yard, and Sweet Juliet (always the laggard) and Pierre de Ronsard (also late for some reason) in the back yard.  Though it's a bit early with eight still to go, I've posted the annual Roses in the Garden – 2008 page that shows one example of each rose currently in the garden and links to each of their individual rose pages.  As more of the other bloom, I'll add them to the page.  I've also updated the Roses by Face page to include Mme. Isaac Pereire.  The Faces page shows a thumbnail of most every rose I've ever grown along with a link to its page, so if you don't know the names, it's a great way to pick out which rose pages you want to view.  In other garden news, the Mock Orange has bloomed for the first time in two years, last year's bloom being another victim of the old landscaper's very belated 2006 pruning.

madame isaac pereire

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2 Responses to Happy June!

  1. Colleen says:

    Hi Dave, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website! I view it daily and it's always such a treat to find new postings. You have such a nack not only for gardening, but also your journal.  I found you online by Googling some info on roses. since then, I have ordered a Louise Odier rose by mail order and have also created a rose garden. I'm an ameteur, but have the will to try it. Thanks for all of your info and please keep posting! Colleen Easton, MA

  2. ToyTrains1 says:

    Thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated! Smile  When planting Louise Odier, be sure to leave lots of room as she really grows quite large and since I planted things a bit too close together, I'm forever pruning her so she doesn't totally overwhelm her neighbors.

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