Two To Go

I'm convinced that the roses can hear me!  Just four short days ago, I was complaining that eight of them hadn't yet bloomed.  Today, Falstaff joined the bloom parade, leaving just Tropicana and Garden Party yet to bloom.  And Tropicana already has buds with the sepals pulled back, so it should be blooming in a few days.  That will leave Garden Party as the only one yet to bloom.  Poor Garden Party! Frown  It's totally shaded by its neighbor, Louise Odier, and there's no way that I'm cutting Louise Odier down to size until all the buds have opened and faded (and there are lots more buds that have to open), so I'm afraid it's going to be a while until Garden Party has a chance to grow and flower.  In the meantime, we had quite a storm last night and today I discovered that, pretty much as I expected, with so many blooms on so many rose bushes, I will have my work cut out for me tomorrow getting them standing up straight again.  Mix lots and lots of rain and wind with lots and lots of roses and you get lots and lots of canes bent down to the ground.  Since everything was so soaking wet today that to work on them I'd have needed a wet suit, tomorrow is the designated tying day.  Here's the first Falstaff bloom.  There are lots more photos on the web site, including a few of all the Sweet Juliet blossoms that opened overnight.

2008 falstaff

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