And Then There Was One

As expected, Tropicana has bloomed, leaving poor Garden Party as the only rose yet to flower.  Comparing this year with last, even though Tropicana is next to last to bloom, it was still a good two weeks sooner than last year.  All of the roses are covered with blooms and I've posted a bunch of photos to the web site.  Also in bloom for the first time today is Double Cutie, my greenish yellow double daylily — I was quite surprised to find it in bloom as I hadn't noticed that the buds had reached maturity.  Today is a 3H day — hazy, hot, and humid — so I didn't spend all that much time in the garden.  With high humidity, the 94 degree weather feels more like 105, so it's a day to enjoy the air conditioning indoors rather than the flowers outdoors! Wink  Here's the first daylily of the year.

double cutie

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