And Then There Were None …

… none left to bloom, that is! Smile As expected, Garden Party has bloomed, becoming the last of my roses to do so, even though it's been living in the shade of Louise Odier.  It's nice to have a year where all of the roses have survived and, yes, even thrived.  It's been a very good year for the garden.  Zephirine Drouhin has been in continuous bloom for one solid month!  Many other roses are in bloom and I've posted a ton of new photos taken over the last week to the web site.  The hydrangea (the snowball bush) is getting ready to bloom, with the snowballs just starting to show their blue color (I feed the hydrangea with Miracid, hence the blue color; were I to feed them Miracle Gro and add in some lime, they'd be pink as they react to acid/base in the same manner as litmus paper).  The daylily Double Cutie remains in bloom and Leebea Orange Crush is getting ready to bloom.  Here's the first bloom of Garden Party.

2008 garden party

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