The Lily Patch

As it does every year as the roses start to fade from their first flush, the lily patch has erupted into colorful bloom.  The daylily Double Cutie was first and now the daylily Leebea Orange Crush (shown below) has, as always, come in second.  Next to them, the oriental lily Mona Lisa has also started to bloom with it's lusciously scented large blossoms.  It's the second photo below.  With the spring flush over, the roses will now bloom sporadically throughout the summer and fall.  I've posted a bunch of new photos on the web site.

2008 leebea orange crush

2008 mona lisa lily

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  1. John Treby says:

    I am gob smacked with the beautiful pictures-did you take them yourself? really high quality-great site thank you

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