I’ve Been Lazy!

It's not fun to admit but it's true.  I've been very lazy about keeping up the blog.  Over the last months, since that wonderful first-day-of-spring snowstorm, the garden has come alive.  The bulbs, what are left of them from the great planting of 1999, have bloomed, as have the forsythia, the cherry trees, the maple tree, etc.  The lawn is a brilliant green that won't be duplicated for the rest of the year.  It's just a really nice time of year in the garden.  Over the next few days, hopefully, I'll get off my duff and post all of the photos I've been taking on the main web site (I've been lazy, but not so lazy that I didn't take photos).  One photo is the reason I've finally started to blog again.  Today, 11 May 2009, I have my first rose! 🙂  Though Louise Odier produced the first rosebud of the year, as expected, much to my surprise, t'was Gertrude Jekyll that gave me my first incredibly sweet rose of the year.  Here she is!

Gertrude Jekyll

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