More Roses

Today is pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday: hazy, hot, and humid. Two more roses have bloomed: the David Austin English rose Sweet Juliet and the hybrid tea Sunbright. Sweet Juliet's scent is very strong and pleasant. It's from the tea rose side of the fragrance family but is very distinctive and, I find, even more pleasant than its cousins Heritage or Graham Thomas. Each year, one of my friends makes a pilgrimage to my back yard to luxuriate in its fragrance when it blooms as it's his all-time favorite rose. Sunbright has a fresh, Damask (Old Rose) fragrance, quite strong. It's bright yellow stands out at the front of the house, which faces north and is thus in shade for most of the day. Other new blossoms photographed today include Fragrant Cloud, Fragrant Lace, Graham Thomas, Heritage, Lagerfeld, Melody Parfumee, Moon Shadow, Pierre de Ronsard, and Red Ribbons. I've also added a few photos of the rose gardens in the side and back yards. The hot weather is certainly encouraging the roses to bloom! I expect that over the course of this week, the remaining holdouts will bloom as well. The newly planted Abraham Darby and Peace tree have leafed out and are doing very well; I wouldn't be at all surprised to see buds on them in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, the newly planted Double Delight tree seems to have a problem; Jackson & Perkins, ever reliable, is sending out a replacement in two weeks. It's a great company to do business with.

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