More Roses Than I Can Count!

I really do love Spring! Smile The garden is alive with roses, so many on some of the plants (Louise Odier and Pat Austin for example) that there are simply too many to count.  Most of the roses have bloomed; all of them are shown on the "Roses in the Garden – 2009" page that I've created and posted today.  Of those remaining, I'm afraid that this past winter was the coupe de grace for Moon Shadow and Fragrant Cloud, both of which had been damaged by previous winters.  Sadly, it also seems that Sunbright was badly damaged by this past winter and may not survive.  It lives in a good spot even though it faces north, so if it doesn't survive, I'll plant something new and exciting there. In the meantime, here's a perfect Peace and, for me, a rare sport, a totally snow white Double Delight!  These are just examples of the many photos that I added to the web site today.


white double delight

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