Wins and Losses

The garden has been quite active.  Unfortunately, not all of the activity has been good.  Since I've been lazy, the dreaded black spot fungus has gotten hold on many of the roses.  I've started my weekly sprayings with Immunox and Mancozeb.  Alternating with Banner Maxx and Funginex, and including Mancozeb for a few weeks, I should be able to bring it under control.  Most of the roses have now bloomed, with Louise Odier, Zephirine Drouhin, and Madame Isaac Pereire (my three Old Garden Roses) putting on quite a show.  Sweet Juliet, one of my David Austin English roses, is also putting on a spectacular display.  Since my last entry, Queen Elizabeth and Pierre de Ronsard have bloomed and Tropicana is getting ready to bloom.  Other than Garden Party, which has yet to bloom, I'm afraid that's all that there will be this year.  Fragrant Cloud, Moon Shadow, and Sunbright all appear to have bitten the dust.  I will definitely replace Sunbright with something else as that's a good spot for a rose.  As for the others, I will have to think long and hard before I replace them.  Moon Shadow is next to both Louise Odier and Lagerfeld, which are very strong, large growers and they shade the spot mercilessly, no matter how I prune them back.  The same holds true for Fragrant Cloud, shaded by Lagerfeld and Melody Parfumee.  I may just leave those spots empty in deference to their larger neighbors and be happy with only two dozen different varieties of roses.  The web site has been updated with literally hundreds of new photos.  Here's a teaser, showing the view of Dr. Huey from the street looking into the side yard.

2009 dr huey

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