And The Rains Came!

And they came and they came and they came.  I only thought that it rained heavily the other day.  Last night, for three solid hours, we here in southern Edison were caught in one continual thunderstorm featuring house-shaking thunder, lightning that illuminated the night sky as it crashed to earth, and the kind of continual torrential downpour that one associates with the monsoon in the tropics, not New Jersey!  The street, when illuminated by the lightning, was a river featuring a fast-moving current.  Today I ventured outside to see how the garden fared.  Fortunately, none of the trees was hit by the lightning (the old Crimson King maple in the back yard shows the scars of a long-ago lightning strike, but that's another story for another day).  Every rose bush that had canes of four or more feet with blossoms was bent over to the ground where other roses didn't interfere.  Where I had some tied up, they had snapped their ties.  And, as I looked things over, the sky began to darken, very quickly indeed.  I went inside and within a few minutes, the torrential rains returned.  Though I'm sure that the garden appreciates all of this rain (nature's irrigation system beats mine hands down), I'm starting to feel a bit waterlogged.  And, the doppler radar shows even heavier rain heading right this way.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to get the stakes and rope I'll need — unless the rains come again!

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