Spring Has Sprung!

After the very tough winter, spring is finally here in earnest.  We actually had a few days approaching 90 degrees!  The landscaper has completed his work and things are looking really good in the garden.  The spring bulbs have done well but clearly I'm going to have to plant a bunch more as many of the old ones have died off and those in the side yard are mostly gone.  The front yard is beginning to grow new grass and the house looks great after being power washed and having all of the woodwork painted.  The foundation bed in the side yard has been completely rebuilt and is populated with new plants including hollies, azaleas, Peegee hydrangeas, an Itoh peony, and a beautiful dogwood.  And, we have our first rosebud!  🙂  It's on the Double Delight tree in the back yard garden.  I've posted more than a hundred new photos on the web site; the What's New page will always show you the latest and greatest.  In the meantime, here's the rosebud.

2010 rosebud

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  1. Mark Chinitz says:

    Wow, the photos are great and combined with the narrative, dramatically tell the story of what happened this winter, starting with death and destruction (and hungry tree ants) and then the rebirth of a new garden as Spring approached and then sprung!  Beautfully done Dave!  Best, Mark Chinitz

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