It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

The temperature is near 80, it's nice and sunny with a gentle breeze, and the garden is doing very well.  I should have my first rose, Double Delight, in a few days.  The lawn has come in very well, thick, lush, and oh so green.  All of the roses have come back very strongly. The new planting bed at the house foundation in the side yard is doing very nicely, with the three Delaware Valley white azaleas in full bloom.  Today, I sprayed the roses for the first time this season as they've all leafed out, so they got their first dose of Banner Maxx and I will alternate as I have in years past with Funginex and Immunox to try to keep the dreaded black spot fungus at bay.  Hopefully, I will be able to do the next spraying on schedule; that's just a few days after surgery to fix my damaged knee.  I've posted lots of photos to the web site and they should give a good indication of how things have done so far this year.  Here's the first Double Delight bud, now swollen and with the sepals pulled back.  It's already intensely fragrant and I expect it will open shortly.  I came out the other day to find that a windstorm had knocked this tree rose to the ground.  Fortunately, the stem had bent, not snapped, so I was able to stand it up again, this time with much more formidable stakes to hold it in place!

2010 double delight

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