An Update

Since my last post, much has happened.  I've posted well over one hundred and fifty new photos, mostly roses, to the web site.  Most of the roses have now bloomed with only six left to go.  While the What's New page always shows what I've added to the web site, a good place to see what's already bloomed is the Roses in the Garden page, where I showcase what I think are the best photos of the roses that have bloomed this year.  Not all is happiness however.  The other day I went out into the garden and was saddened to discover that a varmint — a deer — had been browsing on the buds of many of the roses and lilies.  I've been losing sleep the last few days trying to catch it in the act.  If I do, there will be a barbecue featuring venison!  On a personal note, the stitches in my knee hopefully come out tomorrow which will hopefully allow it to fully heal.  Here are a few photos to hopefully tempt you to visit the web site.  The first is Peace, the second is Sweet Juliet.

2010 peace

2010 sweet juliet

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