After The Rains (Part 2)

Finally, after what seemed to be interminable days of rain, the sun showed its face today and I was able to go out and wander through the garden.  The sight of so many spent blossoms still on the shrubs, turning brown and covered with fungus was totally dispiriting!  Even though I didn't intend to, it moved me to start deadheading and pruning to get that garbage off my shrubs!  After pruning, I also did quite a bit of tying up so that things aren't bent over to the ground any more.

The floribunda Showbiz finally started to bloom.  This rose is proving to be somewhat disappointing — it's slow growing, low growing, late blooming (just about next to last of all the established roses this year), stingy with blossoms — and I may well send it on its way next year unless it really perks up during the rest of this year.  I think perhaps another Old Garden Rose might look very good indeed in that spot!  Other rose photo subjects today include Falstaff (with it's second blossom ever), Melody Parfumee (which, though quite a few blossoms and buds were ruined by all the rain continues to put on quite a show), Louise Odier (finally starting to taper down after a solid month of blooming, I was able to give her a good pruning to get her back within bounds and get rid of all the spent blooms), Pierre de Ronsard (I expected that, as in the past, when subjected to rain the opening buds would ball badly but was pleasantly surprised to instead have beautiful blossoms), Red Ribbons, and Sweet Juliet.

In the realm of other garden plants, the white asiatic lily has put up five strong stems that will have many, many flowers.  The red asiatic lily has put up none — apparently, something got at those bulbs between last year and this.  The orange-yellow asiatic lily put up a single stem that once again that is sans buds.  The oriental lily Mona Lisa has grown very tall and is covered with buds.  I look forward to their blooming as the fragrance is exquisite!  The holly in the side yard appears to be growing an absolutely bumper crop of berries for this year.  And, there are some advantages to having cherry trees.  Though the cherry blossoms are long since past, what has appeared in their place is, I assure you, totally delicious!

Cherries on the Cherry Tree

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