A Beautiful Sunday in the Garden

Gee, two days without rain! 🙂  Some of the roses are a bit brown around the edges from all the rain but the buds have opened and the flowers look and smell wonderful.  Today's subjects include Falstaff, Fragrant Cloud, Graham Thomas, Heritage, Lagerfeld, Showbiz, and Sweet Juliet.  I've also posted a photo of the five stems of the white Asiatic lily.  I expect it will be at least a week before any of the multitude of buds open to reveal the stunning flowers.

On my Roses web site, I've revamped the Faces page (where you can choose a rose to look at based on its photo rather than its name) so that when you mouse-over the thumbnail, it displays the name of the rose before you click to go to the page devoted to that rose.  I've also updated the Rose Links page to include more growers as well as a great rose forum (Rosarian's Corner) that I've joined and enjoy.

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