When Did I Move To The North Pole?

We've thus far had SEVEN snowstorms totaling well over four feet of snow and the winter is only one month old.  The piles outside are over four feet tall and I'm sure that if a climatologist took a core he'd find a seven layer cake!  It seems that with each storm it gets harder to get it all cleaned off.  I ache all over, I'm thoroughly disgusted, and Florida is looking more and more attractive.  Even with rising ocean levels and more violent hurricanes.

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  1. Nancy D. says:

    I stumbled across your web site and thoroughly enjoyed your photos of hydrangeas and roses. I notice you have not posted anything since Jan. 27th 2011. Guess you are busy in the garden. Why would you leave Florida and move to New Jersey? I could not stand the awful winters. Maybe you should search for the happy medium, possibly N.C., S.C. or GA. I live in Texas, having moved here from the hot, dry climate of N.M I definitely like being able to grow roses;hydrangeas, peonies, wisteria, day lilies, pomegrantes, and other perennials that I couldn’t grow very well in N.M. (In that climate they would have to be very pampered.) I use a drip system here, but try to rely on the natural rains. Hope your knee is still mending. Physical Therapy afterwards is so very important Please continue with your exercises and stretches at home although you may be finished with your visits to the P.T. clinic because of your insurance. Keeping those quadriceps strong will help to relieve and possibly eliminate the knee pain.

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