2011 – Spring, and the First Rose Bud

I've been horribly remiss in keeping up this journal and in maintaining my garden web site.  All I can say is that my health hasn't been all that great (as an example, it seems that I now have a bone spur in my other shoulder that's causing problems with that rotator cuff) and that I've been busy with my trains, among other things.  However, I have been out in the garden as it awoke from the horrible winter and have been documenting it photographically.  This evening, I processed well over 100 photographs and did a massive update of the web site to bring it up to date.  Checking the "What's New" page will show you all of the updates and you can see all of the new photos, rather than me trying to put a few representative shots here.  What I will show here is the first rose bud of the year, that I found on Louise Odier (of course) on 20 April.  It has since begun to open to give me my first rose of the year.

Louise Odier

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