Cutting Things Down To Size

The landscaper and his crew arrived this morning and we've made some major changes to the landscape.  Both Forsythia, the Weigela, the Mock Orange, and the Lilac have been cut down to the ground.  This will afford them the opportunity to put out new growth over the rest of the growing season.  As these shrubs bloom on last year's wood, the new growth from this year should have truly lovely blossoms next spring.  With those overgrown shrubs gone (some of the stems were about two inches in diameter), it almost looks like it's a different house.  I even took the opportunity to do some selective pruning on the cherry tree in the front yard; that it brought a bunch of ripe cherries down for the picking was just a side benefit to removing some overhanging growth that was really out-of-place.  (It couldn't be seen before due to the Mock Orange blocking the view.)  For the first time, the side yard rose garden can be seen and admired from the street.  At the same time, I gave Red Ribbons and Dr. Huey hard prunings as they were thoroughly entangled with the Forsythias.  In the side yard garden, the two variegated Hollies and the Canadian Hemlock were sheared and pruned so that you can see the ground underneath them for the first time.  In a few weeks, a thick layer of new mulch will blanket that perimeter bed along the entire length of the side yard; some fresh topsoil and grass seed will complete the transformation from overgrown jungle to suburban landscape.

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