A New Rose

I wasn't at all happy with the performance of Smooth Satin last year and this year its spring growth has been underwhelming, so I went looking for a new rose to replace it.  After shopping around, I found a beauty, a deep red hybrid tea with a lovely damask scent.  It's easily the most vigorous potted rose I've ever bought, complete with buds and blooms.  I was getting ready to put it into the ground in place of Smooth Satin, and then started to think.  Ever since Brigadoon died, every rose I've put in that spot hasn't fared well, even though I completely change over the soil with each new rose.  It faces dead north and doesn't get much sun at all.  I started looking over all three gardens (front yard, side yard, back yard) and spotted a bare spot in the side yard garden, in the redone foundation bed between the dwarf (yeah, 20 feet high already and they call it a 'dwarf') blue spruce and the skip laurel.  It faces west and gets at least a half-day of sun.  A bare spot in the garden plus lots of sun equals a good place for the new rose, so there it went!  The photo shows it just after planting.  Oh!  It's called Smooth Velvet and it's from the same family as Smooth Satin.  It now has its own page.  I've also added many new photos of the other garden denizens and you can find all of them via the What's New page on the web site.

smooth velvet

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