Daylilies, Roses, and Photos!

I took some photos today to document the changes wrought by the great cutting down to size that took place yesterday.  They show the front yard and side yard gardens and by comparing the new photos to those taken previously that are on those pages, you can see just what a difference the drastic pruning has made.  It is certainly a lot more pleasant around the side yard rose garden without having the Forsythia reaching out to grab you and pull you in! 🙂

Much to my surprise today, while walking through the garden I found that the first daylily has bloomed. No surprise, it's Double Cutie which is usually the first to blossom but I hadn't expected any flowers for at least another week.  On the rose front, Lagerfeld, Showbiz, Sweet Juliet, and Zephirine Drouhin had nice blossoms to photograph.  Zephirine Drouhin is still going strong more than five weeks after its first bloom, as is Louise Odier.  You have just got to love the Old Garden Roses! 🙂

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