More Roses!

Over the last few days, a number of other roses have bloomed: Heritage, Pat Austin, Red Ribbons, Winchester Cathedral, and Zephirine Drouhin.  More still are just about to bloom.  We're finishing up one solid week of rain, about five inches worth, so I'll have to get out there to spray as with so much moisture for so long, the fungus is no doubt among us! LOL The other plants in the garden are doing well too.  I've taken a bunch of photos in between the raindrops and they're now all posted on the web site.  Remember, you can always check the What's New page to see the latest updates.  I also finally gave up trying to get a rose to grow in the spot formerly occupied by the late, lamented Brigadoon.  After three or four failures, I give up!  Since it's next to the daylily Plum Perfect, which has done very well there, I went to the nursery and have planted a new daylily, also in the purple family, called Indian Giver.  Hopefully it will do well.  Here are photos of the recent roses.  First is Heritage.

2011 heritage

Next is Pat Austin.

2011 pat austin

Third is Red Ribbons.

2011 red ribbons

Next is Winchester Cathedral.

2011 winchester cathedral

Finally, here's Zephirine Drouhin.

2011 zephirine drouhin

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