A Wonderful Spring

We finally have some balance this year.  After an awful winter, the spring is wonderful, with plenty of rain, lots of sunshine, and now mild weather.  The garden has responded as one would expect, with a burst of growth, color, and fragrance.  All but eight of the roses have now bloomed.  Photos of those who bloomed in the last few days are below.  Both the herbaceous peony and the Itoh peony "Cora Louise" planted last year are in full bloom.  The garden is wonderfully scented by all of the flowers, and the grass is a lovely green. It's almost enough to make me forget my various physical ailments.  Over the last few days, I've taken about 150 photos out in the garden and those have now been posted on my main Roses web site.  As a reminder, you can always find what's new on the web site via my What's New page.  Here are a few highlight photos to tempt you to visit the web site.  First, the roses that have bloomed recently. The first of those is Dr. Huey.

2011 dr huey

Next is Melody Parfumee.

2011 melody parfumee

Third is Madame Isaac Pereire.

2011 mme isaac pereire

Fourth is Peace.

2011 peace

And the last of the recently blooming roses is Pierre de Ronsard.

2011 pierre de ronsard

Here are the peonies.  First the herbaceous peony.

2011 herbaceous peony

And last is the Itoh peony "Cora Louise".

2011 itoh peony cora louise

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