Everything’s Coming Up Roses!

Most of the rest of the roses have bloomed over the Memorial Day weekend.  Of my 24 roses, now only Tropicana (facing dead north) and Garden Party (overshadowed by Louise Odier) have not yet bloomed.  They do have good growth however, so I'm content to give them all the time they need.  Most all of the roses are in their full spring flush and the garden is a riot of bright colors and fabulous fragrances.  I've posted lots and lots of photos on the web site, where you can always find the latest and greatest entries by checking the What's New page.  The page showing the roses in the garden this year is also a great place to check on what has and hasn't bloomed and to compare year to year.  Here are the roses that have bloomed since my last entry.  First is Comte de Chambord.

 2011 comte de chambord

Next is Falstaff.

2011 falstaff

Third is Graham Thomas.

2011 graham thomas

Next is Lagerfeld.

2011 lagerfeld

Fifth is Queen Elizabeth.

2011 queen elizabeth

And last but not least is Pierre de Ronsard.

2011 pierre de ronsard

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