A New Web Page

Having posted a "rogues gallery" of the roses that have bloomed this year over on the Rosarian's Corner (a great rose discussion forum), I found that I liked that page and format enough that I've adapted it as a new page on my Roses web site.  It's called Roses in the Garden – 2006 and you can get to it by clicking on that link.  It shows each of the roses that's growing in the garden this year (a total of 27, with photos of the 25 that have already bloomed).  If you mouse over one of the photos, it will tell you the name of the rose.  If you click on a photo, it will take you to the web page devoted to that rose.  Over the years, roses have come and roses have gone and this seems to be a good way to keep track of which is in the garden each year.  I'll be doing it from here on out and I'm actually sorry that I haven't done it before, so I went ahead and retrospectively created one for 2005 as well.

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