A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Replanting!

Back at the end of May, I mentioned that the Double Delight tree (a three-foot standard) had failed to break bud even though it had been planted two weeks earlier and that ever-reliable Jackson & Perkins was sending a replacement mid-June.  Right around the time they were supposed to send the replacement (a little over a week ago), I noticed that the Double Delight tree, obviously well aware it was about to be ripped out of the ground (I'm one of those people who talks to their plants), was suddenly putting out shoots from seemingly every cane.  I called J&P but they said they were shipping the replacement and that if the original actually managed to grow, just enjoy the replacement too.  Well, the replacement arrived.  Looking at the original and how it had sprouted, seemingly overnight, I decided to leave it in place.  Which begged the question, where to put the replacement?  The original is in the front yard garden which faces dead north.  As you peruse my rose pages, you'll note that the roses in that garden generally wake up later and bloom later than those in the other gardens.  In looking around I found a spot where the replacement could live happily.  As it happens, it's in the back yard garden which faces dead south.  The roses there generally do quite well and it will be very interesting to compare how the two Double Delight trees perform over time given that one is facing north and the other is facing south.  The replacement went into the ground today and it will be very interesting to see how long it takes this one to wake up!  It's living next to the daylily Leebea Orange Crush, which is putting on a beautiful display today, as is the oriental lily Mona Lisa.  With the end of the spring flush, the roses are now few and far between, but we have some nice blooms on Queen Elizabeth and Tropicana (both, as it happens, in the front yard garden, thus explaining the late blooms).  As for the major background element of all the gardens, the lawn, I've put down grub and insect killer and a good fertilizer with weed killer.  When I spray the roses this weekend with Banner Maxx, I may well spray the lawn as well and put paid to any incipient case of fungus due to all the rain we've had and will be having.  With the new topsoil and seed, the lawn is lush and green and I intend to keep it that way!

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