It's been raining again.  It seems that's all it does lately, rain.  And, if it's not raining, why then it's pouring!  Today it's finally dry, albeit totally overcast, so I was able to get out into the garden to have a look.  Some of the roses have blackspot, as expected — it's hard to spray when you have so much rain!  On the other hand, the new Peace tree is doing very well and has given us some beautiful roses.  Others in bloom include Fisherman's Friend, Queen Elizabeth, and Tropicana.  The oriental lily Mona Lisa continues in bloom, gracing that corner of the garden with its beautiful sweet fragrance and the white Asiatic lily has produced the first of what promised to be a bumper crop of flowers.  The daylily Leebea Orange Crush continues to bloom and to produce its spectacular flowers as well.

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