Quieting Down

As is typical for late June/early July, the garden is slowly quieting down from the riot of activity of just a few weeks ago.  Most of the roses are done with their first spring flush and are now starting to put forth new growth that will result in new flowers intermittently over the course of the summer and fall.  Yesterday, I sprayed everyone with a mix of Banner Maxx (propiconazole) and Mancozeb to stop the blackspot fungus that took hold during the time of the rains (yes, I know I said I was going to do it this past weekend, but the rains made that impossible).  Another application next week should put paid to it.  It's a shame that Mother Nature has chosen to inflict something so ugly on things as pretty as roses.  The few roses in bloom are, for the most part, in the front yard garden which faces north.  Sunbright has given us a bloom that's a bit brown around the edges from all the rain, but at least it didn't ball.  Tropicana and Queen Elizabeth have also given us blooms.  So has the new Peace tree in the side yard garden.  Most of the color in the garden, however, is in the back yard where we have the white Asiatic lily, the Oriental lily Mona Lisa, and the daylily Leebea Orange Crush in full bloom.  I think that in the next revamp of my Roses web site, I'll split the lilies page up and make individual pages for the various varieties much as I split up the daylilies page last year.

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