Daylily Delight

I actually did what I said I'd do — I've split the lilies page on my Roses web site in two.  There's now one page for Asiatic Lilies and a second page for Oriental Lilies.  As with the daylilies before them, it seemed to be the right time to give each its own page.  Speaking of the daylilies, Plum Perfect opened its first two beautiful blooms today and Leebea Orange Crush continues to light up its corner of the garden.  The third daylily, Double Cutie, was a bit of a disappointment this year, with rather few scapes and blooms and appears to be done for now; perhaps it will give us more blooms later in the season as it sometimes does.  The Oriental lily Mona Lisa continues in bloom as does the white Asiatic lily and I've snapped a shot of that corner of the backyard garden showing the lily patch.  On the rose front, Queen Elizabeth continues to open blooms as does Fisherman's Friend.

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