Putting on the Feedbag

With the first flush over and new growth starting, it was time to feed the roses.  With the number of bushes that I have, it's a bit of an undertaking, especially with a shoulder that's still not back to full function — I mix up two batches of Miracle Grow for Roses in a thirty gallon trashcan (one tbsp per gallon means thirty tbsp per trashcan) and then dole it out to the rose bushes one two-gallon bucket at a time.  My back doesn't appreciate it at all, but the roses sure do! Smile I got some nice photographs of Fisherman's Friend, Louise Odier, and the Mini Roses today.  The white Asiatic lily, the Oriental lily Mona Lisa, and the daylily Leebea Orange Crush are continuing to produce their beautiful blooms and, with the warm weather, the sweet fragrance of Mona Lisa is scenting that entire area of the backyard garden.

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