The Fourth of July

Today is Independence Day and befitting that it's hazy, hot, and humid, with a strong possiblity of heavenly fireworks later this evening.  Out in the garden, color other than green is a bit hard to come by.  The white Asiatic lily continues to bloom as does the Oriental lily Mona Lisa and the daylilies Leebea Orange Crush and Plum Perfect.  I was pleased to find some new blooms today on the Mini Roses, Pat Austin, and Louise Odier, which somehow seems to always have at least one beautiful fragrant blossom on it.  I found the first Japanese Beetle on that blossom but it was vanquished (between my fingers) before it could do any damage.  Having treated the lawn some years ago with milky spore, my Japanese Beetle problems are not terribly bad; between hand removal and dusting with Sevin, I'm able to keep damage to a minimum.  I've added a little weather magnet to the blog sidebar (courtesy of The Weather Channel) so you can have some idea of what the weather is like here in the garden.  Here's Louise Odier:

Louise Odier

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