Perhaps The Doldrums Aren’t Quite So Dull After All!

I took what was supposed to be a quiet walk in the garden, then ran to get my camera.  The daylily Leebea Orange Crush has opened what will probably be its last bloom as has the white Asiatic lily.  The daylily Plum Perfect is also in bloom.  Also in the front yard, the Abelia that sits at the center of the front porch, which I severely pruned in the spring, has grown back and is now in bloom, scenting the garden with its rich fragrance reminiscent of honey.  Hopefully, the tiger swallowtail butterflies that seem to love it will return this year.

As expected, a number of the roses have opened buds, including Fisherman's Friend, Fragrant Cloud, Fragrant Lace, Gertrude Jekyll, Louise Odier, and a pair of beauties on Queen Elizabeth.  Unfortunately, during my walk, I noticed a number of buds getting munched on by the accursed Japanese beetles (if you look carefully at the latest photo of Fragrant Lace, you can see one of the monsters munching on a neighboring bud).  Each one soon became an ex-beetle and I proceeded to dust all of the roses with Sevin.  Now, all I have to do is get a new duster — I became a bit overenthusiastic with the one I had and, much as the beetles are now ex-beetles, the duster is now an ex-duster.  C'est la vie.

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