Roses Roses Everywhere

I have to say, my garden always somehow manages to come up with surprises for me no matter how closely I watch over it.  Today, I find that I have no less than eight different roses in bloom, all of them lovely and most of them wonderfully fragrant, with still more roses having set buds with the promise of flowers and fragrance to come.  Yesterday I got a new duster and proceeded to finish dusting the bushes with Sevin; today I find Japanese beetles already dead in the blossoms with almost no damage visible, so it was certainly worth the effort to find the new duster (one Home Depot and two Lowes before I found it).  As much as I enjoy crunching the little monsters, I'm much happier that they get nailed before they can cause any damage.  Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to rain later today, so I may have to dust again in the next few days.

The roses in bloom and photographed today are Fragrant Lace, Garden Party, Gertrude Jekyll, Heritage, Louise Odier, Melody Parfumee, Pat Austin, and Queen Elizabeth.  The opening bud of Queen Elizabeth stands out for me today and I'm glad to say that the photo does it justice.

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