How Could I Have Thought These Were The Doldrums?

Still more roses today — we have almost a mini-flush going on.  Lagerfeld and the Mini-Roses have joined in with blooms.  Other roses in bloom today include Fisherman's Friend, Fragrant Lace, Garden Party, Heritage, Melody Parfumee, Pat Austin, and Queen Elizabeth.  In other good news, the replacement Double Delight tree has also broken bud, substantially faster than the original, which sat lifeless for so many weeks.  We will hopefully have blooms out of them this season.

Last night, we had horrible thunderstorms and torrential rains and, alas, the Sevin dust went with them, so the beetles were out again today and I will have to redust once the skies are less threatening than they are right now.  On the non-rose side of the garden, the daylily Plum Perfect continues in bloom, the last of the daylilies to do so.  And, just one month after having them cut down to the ground, the Forsythia are coming back very vigorously.

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