Before The Washout, Garden Visitors!

Although as I write this the heavens are being split by violent streaks of lightning, the rumbling thunder sounds like a celestial bowling alley, and the heavens have opened to disgorge a tropical downpour, a little earlier I was outside collecting a few photos.  Roses in bloom include Fisherman's Friend, Heritage, Lagerfeld, Queen Elizabeth, Red Ribbons, and Sunbright.  But today the roses weren't the highlight of the garden, Rather, it was the Abelia.  It seems to be a favorite of the tiger swallowtail butterflies year after year and today was no exception.  Since I seem to spook them when I'm too close, I used my telephoto zoom lens to capture them as they enjoyed what the Abelia has to offer them.  Here's one of the garden visitors.

Tiger Swallowtail

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